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Couples Mixers

Couples Mixer Calendar
2021 Theme: Cartoon Couples

June 4th – Mickey & Minnie Mouse
The Disney Couples Scramble – 5:30 PM Shotgun

June 25th – Charlie Brown & Lucy
The Good Grief Couples Chapman – 5:30 PM Shotgun

July 16th – The Flintstones
Yaba Daba Do FOURSOME Scramble – 5:30 PM Shotgun

August 6th – Homer & Marge Simpson
MMM Doughnuts Couples Scramble – 5:00 PM Shotgun

August 23rd – George & Jane Jetson
Jane! Stop this Crazy Thing

Couples Scramble/Alternate Shot – 5:00 PM Shotgun             

September 13th – Looney Tunes Grand Finale Mixer
What’s Up Doc? Couples Scramble – 4:45 PM Shotgun


All Mixers Open to the Public
Entry Fee: $20/Member Couple  $60/Non-Member Couples
entry fees include green fee, cart, and SURPRISES
sign up as a couple or with your favorite playing partners
email General Manager Keith Kalny to enter:

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