Men’s Club Highlights for 2019

  • NO Annual Fee to participate in Men’s Club Events
  • Jewel Cup Points Race Based on Your Best 8 Net Finishes
  • 3 Weeks of “Pre-Season” before the Points Race Starts on May 25th
  • New AB Partner Weekly Formats: Best Ball and Scramble
  • New 1-Day Senior Club Championship – Thurs. Aug. 1st (1PM tee times)
  • ALL EVENTS are now a $15 entry fee
  • 12 Players will Qualify for The Jewel Shootout
  • Tuesday and Thursday Net Skins Game
The Jewel Men’s Club is organized by Members of the Jewel Golf Club and the Golf Shop Staff. We encourage ANY AND ALL GUESTS AND PUBLIC GOLFERS to participate in our Men’s Club.    A reduced green fee of $59 (including cart) is available for guests of members and public golfers.
The season-long calendar of events is designed to bring you some friendly competition while playing one of Minnesota’s premier courses.  General Manager and PGA Professional, Keith Kalny and staff will be on-hand to conduct each Saturday event.   The Men’s Club Committee has worked with Keith to develop some new twists for the 2019 season and we trust you will enjoy another great season of Jewel Men’s Club golf.
Men’s Club Weekly Entry Fees:
  • Annual Fee: NONE – Weekly Entry Fees have increased to generate Jewel Cup Purse
  • All participants must have a verifiable USGA handicap
  • MGA Handicap Card (for Non-Jewel Members): $30 + tax available through The Jewel Golf Club
  • Entry Fees – Simplified this Year:
    • All Saturday events (and Senior Club Championship) are $15 Entry Fee
    • This includes Best Ball, Chapman, Senior Club Champ and Club Championship
    • Non-Members pay the standard Guest of a Member Fee ($59 on Saturday and $49 for Tuesday or Thursday)
    • Tuesday – Thursday Net Skins game is $10
  • Saturday Skins Game: OPTIONAL $5 Net Skins Game every Saturday
Questions?  Email Jewel GM/Director of Golf Keith Kalny: kkalny@kempersports.com
Jewel Cup Points Race:
  • The Jewel Cup Winner will be decided by the season long points race
  • The Points Race Regular Season is from May 25th to September 14th – 16 events (The new 1-Day Senior Club Championship and the Club Championship are NOT included in the Points Race )
  • Your points total is decided by your BEST 8 finishes
  • All points will be based on NET scoring over the 16 weeks from May 25th to September 14th (remember Senior Club Championship and the Club Championship do not count for points)
  • Points are based on the number of participants in the field.  If there are 8 competitors, 1st place will be worth 8 points, 2nd place 7 points, and so forth.
  • Points are doubled in 2-man events (i.e. Best Ball Championship, Chapman Championship, AB Best Ball weeks and AB Scramble weeks)
  • The Points Race is open to all participants (Non-Jewel Members and Jewel Members)
  • Winners receive golf shop credit
Coed Events:
There will be two COED events that allow the Men’s Club and Women’s Club golfers to play in the same event.  There is a women’s flight in the Jewel Memorial.  The Chapman Championship will have a Coed field (teams can be two men, two women, or man/woman).
  • June 22nd – The Jewel Memorial                                Women’s Division
  • August 10th – The Chapman Championship                COED Event
In the Coed Chapman Championship, the men and ladies are competing in the same field with handicaps adjusted for playing from different tees per USGA instructions.
GROUPLOOPER & Signing up for Events:
The Men’s Club uses GroupLooper to organize tee times for Saturday morning play (we also use it to organize play on Tuesday and Thursday). It is an easy way to notify players of the next event and just requires clicking on an Accept or Decline button to let the organizer know if you will be playing.
GroupLooper is free and you can create an account at https://www.grouplooper.com/. You can use it to book and organize your own tee times and find special offers.
To allow Golf Shop Staff to organize the Men’s Club event, please sign up by noon Friday.
The Jewel Shootout – How to Qualify:
There’s nothing quite like shootout excitement and shootout pressure!  The shootout this year takes place on September 21st.
TWELVE GOLFERS will qualify for the Jewel Cup Shootout:
  • Winners of the following events qualify:
    • Best Ball Championship (2 Players from winning team)
    • Memorial Invitational (1 Player)
    • Chapman Championship (2 Players from winning team)
    • Senior Club Championship (2 Players – Gross and Net Senior Club Champions)
    • Club Championship (2 Players – Club Champion and Net Club Champion) 
  •  “LAST CHANCE QUALIFER” – SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 21ST BEFORE THE SHOOTOUT:  The events listed above qualify 9 golfers at the most.  If there are 9 distinct winners then the LAST MEN IN QUALIFIER will fill out the field of 12 with 3 qualifiers.  If there are duplicate winners in the qualifying events then more spots will be available to qualify when playing the LAST MEN IN QUALIFIER.

The Jewel Cup Shootout tees off #1 at 3:30 PM on September 21st and will feature pari-mutuel wagering, the Mississippi River Valley’s loudest gallery, and dedicated beverage cart service for the entire shootout.  After play, winners will be honored in the clubhouse.
Handicaps, Playing from Different Tees, & Skins:
Per USGA recommendations for Multi-Tee Competition, we will follow these rules:
The standard tees for play will be the White Tees.  If a player wishes to move up to the Copper Tees, they will have 2 strokes deducted from their Copper Tee course handicap.  In coed events where men and ladies are competing against each other, ladies will have 1 stroke deducted from their course handicap.  These deductions are based on the difference in course ratings.  Players wishing to move back to the Blue/White combo tees will receive 2 additional handicap strokes added to their course handicap from those tees. 
For NET skins games, players will use 75% of handicap with a maximum of 18 strokes.
100% of handicap will be used for net scoring in individual weekly events as well as the Club Championship, and Senior Club Championship.  90% of handicap will be used for Best Ball Championship and AB Best Balls.  60% of the low handicap and 40% of the high handicap will be used in the Chapman Championship.  20% of combined handicap will be used for the new AB Scrambles.