Womens club

     2018 WOMEN’S CLUB
The Jewel Women’s Club places an emphasis on the social and fun side of golf over the competitive side.  There are weekly games to play but these games are always optional.  In fact, there is NO FEE to join our group … just come with a desire to enjoy golf with friendly like-minded golfers. 
There are several tournaments to test your skills but, in the end, we all want to have fun on and off the course … so there is no need to feel you have to play is those events.  We ask current Jewel Members to please share this information with all your golfing friends and help us grow the club.
All play is Net, there are no gross scoring competitions for the Ladies except for the Club Championship August 25th and 26th.
Women’s Club Membership and Entry Fees:
  • Annual Fee: ZERO
  • Entry Fees:
    • Regular Saturday morning events:  You can participate in the Game-of-the-Day for $5 or you can just play for fun.
    • Optional Saturday morning Net Skins:  $5
    • Majors (see below):  Majors are 2PM shot-gun starts and require a USGA handicap.
      • $25 for Best Ball & Chapman Championships
      • $30 for The Memorial & Club Championship
  • CHIP-IN JAR: Each week every player has the option to throw $1 into the Chip-In Jar.  If you hole your ball from off the green, you win the pot.  If nobody makes it from off the green (our definition of a chip-in) then the pot carries over to the next week.
  • Handicaps:  All participants (and guests) must have a verifiable USGA handicap if you are playing in the games or you can just play for fun.  If you do not have a handicap, The Jewel staff can compute one for you if you have 5 scores. 
    • MGA Handicap Card: $30 + tax available through The Jewel Golf Club (for guests)
    • Special Note: Max handicap of 36 for all women’s events.
Women’s Club Benefits:
  • Participate in the full calendar of Saturday events (remember, game entry is optional)
  • Eligible to play in the annual 36-Hole Jewel Ladies’ Club Championship
  • Public golfers pay the reduced guest of a member rate of $59 for green fee and cart for Saturday morning play.  Public golfers also enjoy a reduced $39 green fee (includes cart) for 2PM Majors and The Club Championship.
Calendar of Play and Saturday Events:
There are two types of starts for Women’s Club events:
Tee Times around 8:30 AM (or make your own time before noon)
  • The Women’s Club will reserve tee times around 8:30 a.m. every Saturday. 
  • If you are on our email list you will receive a sign-up email on Monday morning.
  • If the reserved tee times don’t work for you, you are free to make your own tee time and pairing.  If you do not have someone to play with contact the Golf Shop and we will find you a game.
2PM Shotgun Start 
The 2PM Shotgun Starts are “Majors” where the golf shop will make the pairings.  Guests are welcome to play in each 2PM shotgun event listed below:
  • June 9th           2-Player Best Ball Championship                             Women’s Division
  • June 30th         The Jewel Memorial Invitational                             Women’s Division
  • August 4th       2-Player Chapman Championship                           Coed Event
In the Coed event, the men and women are competing in the same field with handicaps adjusted for playing from different tees per USGA instructions. In Women’s Division events, the women are competing amongst themselves and there is no handicap adjustment.
Questions?  Email Jewel GM/Director of Golf Keith Kalny: kkalny@kempersports.com